On-Page SEO


Advanced SEO will add a SEO tab to the blueprints of your collections and taxonomies. This is where you will be able to edit all the SEO related settings of your entries and terms.

Field Sources

Each field will let you pick different sources for its value. The Default and Custom source is available to all fields, while the Auto source is only available to some fields like the Meta Title.


You may use variables in any text, textarea, and code field. You can either use Antlers or the @field syntax to add variables to your fields. Use whichever approach you like better.


Our beloved Antlers. Use it like you're used to. Bear in mind that Antlers won't work with GraphQL.

@field Syntax

This syntax is an alternative to using Antlers that will also resolve the values when using GraphQL. It's straightforward to use: @field:{field_handle}. A few examples:

Disabling Collections & Taxonomies

You may disable any collection or taxonomy by adding its handle to the disabled collections and taxonomies array in the config:

'disabled' => [
    'collections' => ['people'],
    'taxonomies' => [],

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